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Argentina Primera B Predictions

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Tip Odd Book Result +
05/25 15:45ArgentinaSan TelmoSan Telmo - Colon de Santa F2-0Colon de Santa F121.31 vip correct
05/25 16:30ArgentinaTristan SuarezTristan Suarez - San Martin San J0-1San Martin San J121.35 vip correct
05/25 18:00ArgentinaAgropecuarioAgropecuario - Defensores Unido0-0Defensores Unido11.75 vip wrong
05/25 21:00ArgentinaAtletico De RafaAtletico De Rafa - Almirante Brown1-2Almirante Brown1x1.18 vip wrong
05/26 16:10ArgentinaFerro Carril OesFerro Carril Oes - CA San Miguel1-0CA San Miguel1x1.21 vip correct
05/26 18:00ArgentinaDeportivo MadrynDeportivo Madryn - Atletico Atlanta3-0Atletico Atlanta121.38 vip correct
05/26 18:00ArgentinaCA Brown AdrogueCA Brown Adrogue - Gimnasia y Tiro0-0Gimnasia y Tiro121.42 vip wrong
05/26 18:00ArgentinaClub Atletico GuClub Atletico Gu - Club Atl. Estudi1-0Club Atl. Estudi1x1.33 vip correct
05/26 18:20ArgentinaDeportivo MoronDeportivo Moron - Nueva Chicago1-0Nueva Chicago12.57 vip correct
05/26 18:30ArgentinaAll Boys FlorestAll Boys Florest - Guillermo Brown1-1Guillermo Brown11.99 vip wrong
05/26 18:30ArgentinaAlvaradoAlvarado - Chacarita junior2-1Chacarita junior13.46 vip correct
05/26 18:30ArgentinaDeportivo MaipuDeportivo Maipu - Quilmes1-1Quilmes1x1.34 vip correct
05/26 18:30ArgentinaAlmagroAlmagro - Club Atletico Mi0-0Club Atletico Mi1x1.30 vip correct
05/26 19:00ArgentinaPatronato ParanaPatronato Parana - Arsenal de Saran0-0Arsenal de Saran12.30 vip wrong
05/26 19:00ArgentinaGimnasia JujuyGimnasia Jujuy - Talleres Remedio2-1Talleres Remedio11.89 vip correct
05/26 19:00ArgentinaChaco For EverChaco For Ever - Estudiantes Rio 3-0Estudiantes Rio 121.44 vip correct
05/26 20:30ArgentinaRacing de CordobRacing de Cordob - San Martin T.0-1San Martin T.1x1.32 vip wrong
05/27 21:00ArgentinaDefensores de BeDefensores de Be - Aldosivi Mar delAldosivi Mar del121.31 vip waiting
05/28 00:10ArgentinaTemperleyTemperley - Gimnasia MendozaGimnasia Mendoza1x1.22 vip waiting
05/31 18:00ArgentinaArsenal de SaranArsenal de Saran - Racing de CordobRacing de Cordob1 vip waiting
06/01 00:10ArgentinaColon de Santa FColon de Santa F - Atletico De RafaAtletico De Rafa1 vip waiting
06/01 18:05ArgentinaNueva ChicagoNueva Chicago - TemperleyTemperley1 vip waiting
06/01 18:30ArgentinaChacarita juniorChacarita junior - Club Atletico GuClub Atletico Gu1x vip waiting
06/01 20:05ArgentinaAtletico AtlantaAtletico Atlanta - Defensores UnidoDefensores Unido1 vip waiting
06/01 22:10ArgentinaTalleres RemedioTalleres Remedio - Deportivo MaipuDeportivo Maipu12 vip waiting
06/02 00:10ArgentinaAlmirante BrownAlmirante Brown - Deportivo MadrynDeportivo Madryn12 vip waiting
06/02 18:00ArgentinaClub Atl. EstudiClub Atl. Estudi - Gimnasia JujuyGimnasia Jujuy1 vip waiting
06/02 18:00ArgentinaGuillermo BrownGuillermo Brown - Tristan SuarezTristan Suarez1x vip waiting
06/02 18:30ArgentinaDeportivo MoronDeportivo Moron - CA San MiguelCA San Miguel1x vip waiting
06/02 19:00ArgentinaSan Martin San JSan Martin San J - Patronato ParanaPatronato Parana1 vip waiting
06/02 19:00ArgentinaGimnasia MendozaGimnasia Mendoza - CA Brown AdrogueCA Brown Adrogue1 vip waiting
06/02 19:00ArgentinaGimnasia y TiroGimnasia y Tiro - AlmagroAlmagro1 vip waiting
06/02 19:00ArgentinaClub Atletico MiClub Atletico Mi - Defensores de BeDefensores de Bex2 vip waiting
06/02 20:00ArgentinaSan Martin T.San Martin T. - AlvaradoAlvarado1 vip waiting
06/02 20:00ArgentinaEstudiantes Rio Estudiantes Rio - San TelmoSan Telmo12 vip waiting
06/02 21:00ArgentinaQuilmesQuilmes - Ferro Carril OesFerro Carril Oes12 vip waiting
06/02 21:00ArgentinaAldosivi Mar delAldosivi Mar del - Chaco For EverChaco For Ever1x vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of Primera B. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team